Leaders in Legal Background Screening

In the legal field, it is imperative to hire only the most qualified and well-educated applicants. Vetting all applicants to ensure the education history they provide is accurate is a crucial role that will limit risk of liability for your company. With so many fraudulent resumes, human resource professionals may hire inexperienced applicants. Mistakes such as this can ruin the reputation of a company. At Verification Services Inc., our comprehensive education checks verify that your applicant has the training and education they claim to have.

What Can Be Found in an Education History Screening?

  • Courses taken
  • Dates of attendance and date of graduation
  • Degree earned
  • Graduation status

Why Employment and Criminal History Matters

We understand that the legal field is not an industry that can afford any mistakes when hiring. Applicants with unstable work histories can put the company at risk for liability, and for this reason we recommend employment history screenings. Each report provides information such as dates, position, and when available, reason for termination. This information allows an employer to make the most informed decision. Verification of employment may help ascertain if the applicant has tendencies to grow within the company or simply flee to other jobs.

Our criminal history report will give you, the employer, information on the applicant that will help you feel confident about your decision. If an applicant has a criminal record of any kind, it will be found in our county, state, or federal record screenings.

At VSI we are here to help. We believe that providing a precise history on an applicant will not only prevent liability, but will lead to finding the professionalism you require of your staff to ensure success for your company. Call us today at 800-809-7732 to become a client and have access to background screenings for legal professionals. Click here to request more information.