Our customer service agents at Verification Services Inc. frequently receive the following questions from potential clients. Please review the information we have provided below, and call us at 800-809-7732 for more information about our pre-employment verification services.

What if the Social Security Number (SSN) Does Not Match the Person’s Name?

If the social security number does not match the applicant’s name, the applicant must go to the Social Security Administration to straighten out the discrepancies before proceeding.

Why is a Background Check Important?

Knowing who your employees are and their past behaviors, limits your risks and liabilities. For example, an employee who has filed lawsuits against previous employers may put you at risk of lawsuits against your business. An applicant who constantly changes employment may increase your company’s turnover rate, at the time and expense of your business. A background check gives you peace of mind in knowing that you’ve hired the right individual for your company.

What is Included in a Typical Background Check?

A typical background check consists of social security verification and trace, in addition to a comprehensive criminal history check.

Is Verification Services Inc. Legal / Certified?

Yes. We undergo annual site inspections and audits from statewide repositories, Transunion, Equifax, and the state DMV. We have met all the criteria for the guidelines for client on-boarding certifications, FCRA, and CFPB.

How Does Verifications Services Inc. Ensure Accurate Information?

Please see our Quality Guarantee.

What Information is Needed for an Accurate Background Check?

For a complete, accurate background check, the signed release form provided must include:

  • Full name
  • DOB
  • Social security number
  • Signature

Does an Applicant Have to Consent to a Background Check?

Due to FCRA Compliance, every applicant must give a signed to consent to perform a background check.

How Can I Verify an Applicant’s Work and Education History?

You simply need to request the services. Our Tier B package allows you to verify this information.

How Much Time Does a Background Check Take To Complete?

A background check is typically completed within 1 to 3 business days. However, when criminal offenses are found an extra day may be needed to retrieve the docket from the corresponding court.