“We’re Here to Help”

At VSI, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, as we understand that protecting your business is of the utmost importance. To properly safeguard your business from various risks associated with hiring the wrong candidate, we ensure that our reports are the most accurate and comprehensive. At VSI, we are thorough and cost-effective. Our expeditious turnaround time will help you make the best hiring decisions faster.

Verifying Employment History

Employment verification reports are essential to determine whether or not the applicant actually has the experience they claim to have. Virtually anyone can write a job on a resume, and it is your right as an employer to make sure that the job, along with job descriptions are truthful.

What Information Can I Expect?

Our comprehensive employment history reports will detail the following information:

  • Dates of employment (job start and end dates)
  • Job duties
  • Reason for termination (varies according to State laws)
  • Title held

Benefits of Employment Verification

Employment verification reports allow potential employers to:

  • Analyze any inconsistencies within the resume
  • Ensure no misleading information was provided
  • Gain insight into potential employee’s trustworthiness
  • Learn if the applicant is truly qualified for the position
  • Obtain peace of mind about the hiring decision

Social Media Verification

We understand that every new hire plays a crucial role in representing your company; therefore, we understand that knowing the character of a person is imperative. VSI utilizes uniquely trained professionals to acquire information that may be valuable to you or your company by vetting any public social media account of the prospective employee.

It is important to remember during the hiring process to only focus on information that is relevant to the position. Social media platforms serve to voice many opinions, so while a lot of personal information may be found, an employer should only judge the applicant on what actually pertains to the position available. Religious and / or political beliefs cannot be considered during the hiring process.

Be sure to remember that social media platforms are not always infallible. They can be hacked, information about users can be made public without consent, and fake profiles are all common in the social media realm.

At VSI, we pride ourselves in making your hiring process run seamlessly. This can be accomplished by ensuring employment information on a resume, provided by a prospective employee, is accurate. Call our employment verification experts today at 800-809-7732 to learn more about how we can help you make a sound decision when hiring your next employee.