What is E-Verify?

E-Verify is an internet based system that compares the information provided from an applicant’s I9 form to the data currently stored in the Homeland Security database, the SS Administration Records, and the Department of State Records to determine employment eligibility.

Am I required to Participate in E-Verify?

While some employers are required to participate in the E-Verify program, most employers do so voluntarily, as it allows them to check the information provided by the applicant easily and effectively.

E-Verify Compliance

To be eligible to participate in E-Verify the “Notice of E-Verify Participation” and the “Right to Work” poster must be displayed in both English and Spanish at the company’s hiring location.

How is E-Verify Different from the Social Security Number Verifications Services?

E-Verify confirms the person’s authorization to work in the US, while the Social Security Number Verification Services confirms that the Social Security Number belongs to the person utilizing the number. A person may have an active social security number yet be unauthorized to work in the United States.

Do I Need to Utilize E-Verify If I Rehire an Employee?

If the last date of employment is three years or less from the current hiring date, and the item on list B of the I9 form is still valid, you do not need to open another case through E-Verify.

If the item on list B of the I9 form has expired since the initial I9 Form was filled out, then you must complete Section 3 of the employee’s previous I9 Form. Opening a new case is not necessary.

If a case with E-Verify had never been open on behalf of this employee, then the employee must fill out a new I9 Form and a new case must be opened.

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